Primary Academy

K3, K4 and K5

During the Primary Academy years (3-5 years), students evolve through the reading process of letter recognition, sounding of letters, blending to form words to actual reading from left to right. In addition to these critical decoding skills, reading comprehension strategies are also introduced through creative writing, art and read-aloud activities. Students enrolled in primary academy need to be toilet-trained before acceptance/enrollment.

Preschool Program: The K3-K4 program concentrates on the development of conceptual skills as well as the necessary social and academic skills necessary for entry into the K5 program. In addition to these skills, the primary program emphasizes social and emotional development, motor skills, personal hygiene, self-help and life skills.

Kindergarten Program: The kindergarten program advances the skills and concepts introduced in K3 and K4 and introduces students to core subject areas to be mastered in elementary grades. Instruction emphasizes the development of critical and evaluative thinking.

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