Curriculum development is a continuous process reevaluation of curricula each year to ensure alignment with standards and benchmarks.

The art program is a vital component of the curriculum, encouraging students not only to develop an appreciation of the traditional forms, but also to develop their artistic abilities and build self-esteem. Students develop perspective and work in two and three dimensional art media through the world of painting, drawing, block printing, sculpting and weaving.

The opportunity for children to express themselves through the arts contributes to their intellectual and social growth as well. With this in mind, SPA places tremendous emphasis on the arts and performing arts, culminating in a variety of public performances.

All students at SPA are required to take physical education classes that encourage a healthy view of physical activity and its benefits to the well being of the human mind and body. The program focuses on healthy nutrition and developmentally appropriate sports and exercises. Through a varied program that stresses individualized fitness goals, we aid students in understanding the benefits of continuing physical activity. Students are encouraged to participate in intramural sports programs.

SPA offers Korean studies to high school students with the long-term goal of providing the student with an opportunity to communicate effectively in a foreign language. The program emphasizes the relationship between culture and language as students develop grammar, syntax, and vocabulary skills in a second language.

In addition to language, the Samoan class will familiarize students with the uniqueness of the Samoan culture, its traditional practices and music, and demonstrate to students the traditional culinary uses of the Samoan flora.

A writer’s workshop approach emphasizes the stages through which writers advance with a writing project: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, proofreading and publishing. Writing skills are integrated throughout all content areas. As students become more fluent writers, they sharpen their skills in the mechanics of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Throughout the years, students have developed skills in literary criticism and honed their abilities to write persuasively, creatively and accurately.

The curriculum stresses computation and a full range of mathematics including data collection and analysis, probability and statistics, geometry and algebra. The core of the math curriculum includes applied arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus.

SPA’s history/social studies curriculum is project-based and emphasizes the use of literature in instruction. A cross-curricular approach is guided by a multicultural perspective and respect for diversity.

Asking questions, making discoveries, gathering data, analyzing explanations and communicating scientific arguments are key ingredients in a classroom where vibrant inquiry is taking place. With a focus on “real science”, our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to observe and hypothesize about the world around them, setting the groundwork for the acquisition of critical thinking and relevant problem solving skills.

South Pacific Academy offers up-to-date and relevant instruction in computer science, information technology and media. This approach will train students to be digital-age learners and promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) interest. Students in Primary through fourth grade will reinforce their curriculum through computer applications and basic coding. At the upper level academies students become familiar with the foundation of Computer Science and how modern computers work by learning programming languages and algorithms. Instruction in basic electronics/robotics and prototyping platforms like Arduino will be a useful skill in preparing students for science and engineering careers. Students will also develop their creative skills with 3D modeling, photo and video editing using industry standard open-source software.

Four Academies

Primary Academy (K3, K4 and K5)
Elementary Academy (1st – 4th grades)
Junior Academy (5th – 8th grades)
Senior Academy (9th – 12th grades)

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