Our School

Building Partnerships for Excellence in Education

South Pacific Academy’s vision is to foster a supportive community which allows students to acquire a quality education in a multicultural setting. This includes but is not limited to an academic and social environment which will contribute to successful learning and the development of core human values. To maintain this vision, the Academy relies on its commitment to academic excellence and institutional stability.

School Materials
We work with school leaders and publishers to ensure that students have access to current textbooks that are age appropriate.

Continuing Education for Teachers
We create bespoke continuing education programs to address the needs of teachers and their student communities. From training on the latest technology to new pedagogical methods, we help teachers make their classrooms engaging and successful.

Support for Communities
Education happens within the context of a larger community. Our approach extends beyond the school to help ensure students have the necessary support to do their best learning.


South Pacific Academy is committed to its goal of ensuring student success through its efforts to promote high academic expectations and achievement.

Vital and diverse instructional strategies are implemented to provide for and to encourage innovative and exciting challenges in teaching and learning. We strive to develop and maintain an atmosphere that is not only conducive to learning and teaching but is also deemed safe, healthy and enjoyable by all members of the South Pacific Academy community.

South Pacific Academy operates under a set of guiding principles. We believe that learning is the surest path to individual freedom. We possess the belief that every child should be given exciting educational opportunities and that every child has a tremendous capacity for learning. Additionally, each person’s character and individuality are to be respected, and celebrated. We believe that respecting, affirming and learning from our differences are central to what binds us together.

Parents and families play an extremely important role in the academic, social and emotional development of the child. This, coupled with clear expectations for teachers, ongoing professional development and the encouragement of teamwork provides for a collective, collaborative commitment to excellence.

“South Pacific Academy’s focus is on teaching students to be problem-solvers so they are prepared to address life’s challenges”

Paul Michael Young
South Pacific Academy President