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K – 12 Academy in American Samoa

South Pacific Academy’s mission is to ensure that all students discover and develop their talents and abilities to their highest potential, strive for academic excellence, acquire respect for self and others, develop an understanding and appreciation for the cultural diversity of others and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and contribute as ethical, responsible citizens.


Primary Academy

Our K3-K5 program concentrates on the development of conceptual skills and emphasizes social and emotional development, motor skills, personal hygiene, self-help and life skills. The kindergarten program advances the skills and concepts introduced in K3 through K5 and introduces students to core subject areas to be mastered in elementary grades. Instruction emphasizes the development of critical and evaluative thinking.


Elementary Academy

Students in grades 1 – 4 continue working in self-contained classrooms in the areas of language arts, math, science and social studies. Resource teachers are available for instruction in visual arts, dance, physical education and technology.


Junior Academy

The Junior Academy students will receive instruction from a variety of teachers experienced in a particular subject area. Students are assigned a homeroom class and will expand their schedules to include a wider variety of instructors and courses. Grade 8 students are gradually introduced to the High School Teachers for their Core Academic Classes. In addition to core subject areas, Junior Academy students continue their studies in technology, physical education, art, dance and/or music.


Senior Academy

The high school curriculum emphasizes core content areas and requires that students not only acquire knowledge, but are also able to apply knowledge to a productive and interactive projects. The school offers a rigorous curriculum focusing on academic and vocational skills and preparation for the pursuit of advanced degrees. Skills required to excel on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests are interwoven throughout the four-year program.

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